"And Menarche Part 2"

This was the second essay I wrote for Austinmama.com. I hadn't planned on giving the sex talk when my kids were toddlers, but parenthood comes with a lot of opportunities to learn to teach on the fly.

"Zen and the Art of the Load"

This piece originally appeared on Austinmama.com and considers unbalanced loads and the existential conflict that comes with baby-generated laundry.

"What Little Dudes Do"

Brain, Child Magazine

Originally published in Brain, Child, this piece about raising a son was later anthologized in Brain, Child's Greatest Hits and Grrl Talk: Sass, Wit, and Wisdom from the Austin Writergrrls.

"Bathroom Reading"

Brain, Child Magazine

My most popular essay, first published in Brain, Child and later reprinted in New York Family, chronicles my first experience in first-person toilet training.

Samples: Creative and Magazine Writing

This portfolio contains recent work and some of my greatest hits. A quick note about my name: Eakman (pronounced "EKmn") is the name I came with. If it says Strout it was published before I remarried. You may see Beth Eakman Re (pronounced "ray"), which is my name now. Don't panic. It's all me.

Also, ignore the email addresses provided in the links. You can contact me directly at [email protected]