"If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."  Toni Morrison


I know, it's confusing. Eakman is my name, Strout is my ex-husband's, and Re is my current husband. Just using Eakman now to keep it simple.   

My name, again. 

About me.

I've been writing about life with kids since I've had them. Before my divorce, I had grand plans of writing a sort of Erma Bombeck-esque collection of essays about parenthood and was just starting to get some of them published when my ex left and hosed up the whole Light-n-Funny tone. 

It took me a while to start over, both my life and the book, but I did. And now I am putting the final touches on the book, a memoir-ish collection of essays about surviving divorce with children. 

Like most writers, I have a day job or two. I teach writing at St. Edward's University and am occasionally a writer, editor, or trainer for hire and have written everything from magazine features to technology manuals. Read more on my resume/CV.