"You might use cloth diapers, but they grew and hand loomed their own organic hemp for their cloth diapers. You might support gentle discipline, but they considered making a recalcitrant youngster brush his teeth against his will child abuse. And, because this was Austin, there was an additional level of Competitive Earthiness. Even with our organic textiles, homeopathic remedies, and mail-order composting worms, we Montessori parents weren’t barking lunatics like those Waldorf nuts. Heavens, no."

from "Spud Day"

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Check out my online exclusive "Top Ten Great Sanity-Saving Books for Moms" at Brain, Child Magazine. You can read my essay "Spud Day" here, too. 

I've been writing and publishing essays about my kids since they were babies. You can read some earlier work, including my most popular piece ever, "Bathroom Reading,"here. 

When I'm not working on my own writing (or driving kids around), I teach writing at St. Edward's University. I also do contract and freelance training, writing, editing, and research. I fear no topic. Learn more about me here.

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